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The launch of a music career and the recorded music that goes with it is the work of an entrepreneur! Yet so many artists, have not oriented themselves towards this sort fo initiative-taking. If you are launching an album, taking your first steps into your creative work as your main thing, or looking to make a living with your art, this training course is just for you! We’ll be joined by guest instructors Jordan Klassen (international performer, Peak Performance Finalist, Factor Grant Recipient, 10 million streams worldwide) and Don McLeod (songwriter, producer, Peak performance mentor) - they’ll give you pointers from their first hand experience.. We’ll also give you tools and strategies to figure out your best ways forward, identifying your unique value and innovative ideas of your viable products. The course runs AUGUST 6-10 at Bez Arts Hub 6pm-10pm.

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Courses September-May

Are you working to pursue your art (music, film, dance, acting, stilt-walking….) as your main thing, but don’t have the tools you need to get you there? Bez Mentorship is offering key courses to fill the gaps in your arts professional training. Take one or several as it fits your needs and your schedule. This year we are offering courses in:

  • Audio/Musicianship/Orchestration

  • Improvisation/Theory/Digital Notation

  • Songwriting & Performance Workshop

  • Artist Entrepreneurship

  • Guest Artist Event Drop-in

    ….And more….

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