Mirror Mentorship Courses


Mirror Mentorship Courses

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For full courses (Sept-May) - call to calculate your course fees and to setup your payments. Base cost is $465 for a one hour course (about $52/month).

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There are a whole collection of courses you can take weekly - from September to May. Enrolments are for the year. Guest instructor sessions are drop-in. Here’s the roster of courses for our 2018-2019 Season:

  • Director’s Day MON 10am-1pm - time to get a vision for your personal journey as an artist. What parts of YOU are getting in the way of your launching as effectively as you could. What is the purpose of your art for the world around you? Step into a better understanding of the why and how of your craft (116 course hours)

  • Audio & Orchestration TUE 9am-12pm - every musician needs to know how their music is communicating to an audience! Strengthen your skills in comprehension of live and recorded audio. Learn to hear what parts you and your fellow musicians can be playing when you collaborate as a band or when you go into the studio to record (87 course hours)

  • Improvisation/Theory/Digital Notation WED 9am-12pm - Having trouble knowing what to play when it’s your time to “solo”? Learn the foundations of improvisation for all sorts of styles of music. Communicating your music to other musicians is essential, so being able to notate your melodies and the parts you want played by others is key. We will train you to use Sibelius software to digitally translate what you are playing to notated charts (87 course hours)

  • Songwriting & Performance Workshop THU 1:30pm-3:30pm - It’s one thing to write a song, but it’s a whole other thing to craft those songs to be better received by, or to record them for, an audience. not only that, but how you present yourself as you go to a stage can also make or break a song. This course will give you the opportunity to try out your songs, get feedback and pointers on how to better present your music (58 course hours)

  • Artist Entrepreneur THU 4:30-6:00 - There’s no doubt about it, artists are entrepreneurs! They take risks, their results are unpredictable, but they can envision new and exciting things. This course will give you the tools to assess what it is that you have to offer and design a plan to roll it out, bit by bit to the public in low risk, manageable ways. More and more, you will be able to make your life as an artist (43.5 course hours)

  • Arts/Faith/Culture FRI 10:30-12:00 - How do you use your art in a changing culture? What is culture in the first place? Can you integrate faith/spirituality into your expression and experience as an artist without becoming weird? Facilitated discussions and thoughtful presentations will give you lots to chew on (43.5 course hours)

  • Guest Artist Drop-in Classes (various times and days) - Join us for one off workshops with visiting artists. Glean from those who are already launched as artists; learn from their struggles, their process and their successes. Watch the Bez website for announcements about these inspiring sessions.